November 06, 2016

Hindustan General Industries - Buyback @ Rs.45- Guidance Wanted

Could you throw some light on this company on your blog. they have offered an exit option @ Rs 45/ Share. 

I don't need the money,

 Liquidity is not an immediate concern, value is. Is the value is fair, then I would like to liquidate and exit. 

If however, the offer is grossly undervalued, then I have no issues is continue to hold.


Blog : For more on Hindustan General Industries , please go through this Court Judgement

It appears, Hidustan General Industries owns very valuable land in Delhi - 12 acres in Nangoli acquired around 1959( Please RECHECK THIS )

The directors report for the ending 30th June, 1959 was dated 4th March, 1960. It stated :
"As reported to you last year, the new factory of the company at Nangoli occupying over 12 acres of land has made considerable progress. We have made additions to the fixed assets valued at nearly Rs. 3 lakhs, up to the end of the accounting year. Further, substantial additions have been made since the close of year. The manufacture of railway wagons is in hand and we hope to complete the first order of 100 wagons in the near future. We hope we shall have further substantial orders which will increase our turnover very considerably in 1960-61."

Source / Complete Hon ble Delhi High Court Judgement


Hindustan General Industries is probably Exclusively Listed Company ( ELC ) at Delhi . As per SEBI , Hindustan General Industries has either to Relist or Delist.

Hindustan General Industries is a Non-govt company with an Authorized Capital of ₹ 6,50,00,000 (Six Crore And Fifty Lakh Indian Rupees) and Paid Up Capital of ₹ 5,41,27,720 (Five Crore, Forty one Lakh, Twentyseven Thousand, Seven Hundred And Twenty Indian Rupees).

There are 6 Directors associated with Hindustan General Industries Limited. They are: Surendra Kumar Rajgarhia, Rajat Rajgarhia, Ashish Himatsingka, Anant Bhargava, Pawan Kochhar and Sulabha Rajgarhia.

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