November 22, 2016

Kingfisher Airlines - Guidance Wanted

As per balance sheet of 2012 ; kingfisher air have huge debt of around 15000crs.
Bank- 9400crs (1300crores bank received after selling of pledged shares) so net 8100crs debt.

Another debt is not important because loan given by UB group.

So as per latest news debt of company is 8100 crs only.

Ed attached shares of United breweries ltd and other group company shares worth around 9700crs. (Included properties of vijay mallya and ub group). But Ed dont want to take decision to sell all holding of ub group and vijay mallya. Vijay mallya want to do one time settlement. He offered 6868crs to banks. But banks r not ready for one time settlement.

Now BANKS AND ED both r silent. Not take any decision against vijay mallya.

One of the united kingdom based company filed case against kingfisher airline and Karnataka court decided to windup of this airline. Loan Amount is only 35crores. Even company have 9 aircraft. And company have well-known brand.

How to stop winding up of company? above 250000 share holders are stuck in this company. if winding up will happen than what will get equity share holders?

Not only vijay mallya is only responsible for current situation of company. Top management of banks are also involved in money laundering case.

Spread awareness about company. If promoter cheated share holders than why government are not help to share holders? 

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