November 26, 2016

Yamuna Syndicate Annual Report 2015-2016

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Rajiv Maheshwari


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Yamuna Syndicate -Promoters Rs.1845/26p Offer- No Response - Withdrawn


1. Please refer to your email dated 02.11.2016.

2. You have raised certain concern regarding the Exit Offer given by the 

3. In this regard please be informed that the Company, Yamuna Syndicate 
Ltd., was shifted to dissemination board. Subsequently, as per the requirement 
of SEBI vide its Circular dated April 17, 2015, the promoters, of the Company 
had already given exit offer during October 2015.

4. This offer was a voluntary offer by the Promoters and since one month 
has already expired ever since the offer has been made with no shares being 
tendered till date, we herein wish to inform you that, the Promoters have 
withdrawn the exit offer. 

5. Therefore, with the withdrawal of offer, the subject matter of your 
query/grievance regarding offer price no longer remains.

6. Copy of the Annual Report is enclosed.

7. We hope you find the above to your satisfaction. 

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For The Yamuna Syndicate Limited



November 04, 2016

Yamuna Syndicate Exit Price Only Rs.1845:26p / Rs.100 Paid Up Share

The Yamuna Syndicate Ltd. has came out with exit offer @ Rs.1845/26 per share.

I bring to your kind notice that the said company is holding  44.83 %  i.e. 32,96,526  shares of ISGEC Heavy Engg. Ltd. ( BSE Code : 533033 ) whose today's market rate is Rs.5110/- per share.

The Yamuna Syndicate Ltd.'s share capital is Rs.21164800/- divided into 211648 shares of Rs.100/- each.

 This means every share of The Yamuna Syndicate Ltd. is worth more than -15- shares of ISGEC Heavy Engg. Ltd.

This means holding/fair  value of more than Rs.75000/- peshare of Yamuna Syndicate. 

 I am not considering reserves and value of land and building but promoters' is offering Rs.1845/26 per share in exit offer.

Daya Rajiv Maheshwari



Yamuna Syndicate Annual Report 2015-2016

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