November 05, 2016

Recommend Some Value Unlocking Companies - Request by a Reader

We , generally , avoid naming Companies / Shares.

To Unlock True Value depends up on the Promoters of that Company. Many Promoters do not want to share Value with Non Promoter shareholders.

In the one last year , Max India ( of Analjit Singh group ) has been a classic example of Value Unlocking of a Listed Company.

Bajaj group , AB Birla Nuvo , Fortis may be following their model.

DCM Limited may be another such company.

It appears , Mac Charles ( India ) may go in for Value Unlocking under the new Promoters. Probably , some such value unlocking happened, when Vijay Mallya brought in foreign Promoters in United Breweries , Mc Dowell etc .etc. 

For more on Mac Charles ( India ), please click :-

Assets laden companies like Bharti Telecom ,Nalwa Sons , NBI Industrial Finance etc. should pay decent dividends.  

PNB Finance , Bharat Nidhi pay just 6 %. 

6% seems to be their Vaastu Shashtra

For Unlisted Companies like Macrofil Industries , Digvijay Filease etc etc Investors should , vigorously ,take up this issue in AGM s , with SEBI , Investors Associations , Press etc etc,

One positive development is that Investors are becoming more aware and pro active. Internet has helped a lot

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