July 12, 2012

Bharti Telecom - Comments Received

Hidden Gem : Bharati Telecom Ltd

Equity : 2,17,70,036 Shares

No. of Shares held in Bharti Airtel : 173,54,53,890 Shares

Thus, 1 Share of Bharti Telecom Equivalent To 80 Shares of Bharti Airtel.

For Example if market rate of Bharti Airtel is Rs. 325 than worth of Bharti Telecom is Rs. 26,000 (325 X 80)

Due to Selling Pressure in Unquoted Market, Bharti Telecom is traded around 15 % of its worth i.e. Rs 3,900 (26000 X 15 %)

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Spock said...

Hidden Gem.I don't think so. You assumptions are destructive and draconian. Its all notional value. Dont advice with such irresponsibility. As administrator of the you only have fiduciary responsibility and not play a patrician role.

I read ur comment which is nothing but pack of lies.It ill behooves a person of your stature, more so because you are a Stephanian for God's sake


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