July 13, 2012

Massive Diesel Subsidy And Why Govt Running Scooter India Limited - Onemint Link


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Chidabaram is Indian incarnate of French Queen Marie-Antoinette saying Let Them Eat Cakes. It is Chidambaram cuel joke on the Over Taxed Aam Indian .
Indians at present at the Most Over Taxed in Indian History. Politicians never think twice while spending on hem selves Tax Payers Hard earned money . Chidabaram is entitled to nearly free meals in the Canteen of Parliament Annexe hence Chidabaram is insensitive to the pain and effort an ordinary Indian has to undergo for making both ends meet. The level of Taxation and exploitation of present day Aam Indian is many times worse than during Colonial / Feudal times.
Indians do not need expensive posts of President , Governors , Sheri ifs etc. Nor is such a bloated bureaucracy required. In Punjab free electricity is given to Farmers owning Land worth Thousands of crores where even a Humble Paan Wala is charged electricity at Penal rates ( euphemistically called Commercial category ) . In Punjab Petrol is Rs. 8 Per Litre more expensive than in Haryana . Diesel is Cheapest . Political Bosses of Punjab are the Biggest Landlords and consumers of Diesel No concession to Physically Handicapped Punjabis in Electricity or Petrol because Physically Handicapped Punjabis are not considered to be a Vote Bank.

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Jind said...

please revise ur trader list half of them are not working