May 01, 2023

SEBI -Important Changes For Investors

Details of important changes in this regard are as follows:-

  1. W.e.f. May 02, 2023. Trading limits against sell transaction of DEMAT/CUSPA/PLEDGED will not be available.
  2. Penalty will be charged, if the client purchases back the same shares that he has sold without any cash margin. 
  3. Client need to select the Segment i.e. Cash/ FNO while providing securities as pledge.
  4. Client need to maintain segment wise funds i.e. equity cash & derivatives.
  5. Those clients who want to trade in FNO segment and transferred the funds during trading session needs to provide confirmation to branch for the allocation of funds under derivative segment. The necessary  portal like will be provided to make the entry  separately.  
  6. The trading limits against fund transfer during trading session will be provided in set interval i.e. half and hour. 
Below are the other important regulations which would be made effective in near future. Non-compliance would lead to freezing of trading account.
  1. Link your PAN with Aadhar before 30-June-2023.
  2. Updatation of Nomination details in trading account. Last date to update the nomination is extended till 30-September-2023. 
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