May 31, 2023

NSE Academy -Selection of Mutual Fund and Right Investment as per your requirement in Mutual Funds | 75+ Hours of Course Content

Mutual Funds, Banking and Wealth Management

About the Course Set

The course introduces the quintessential terminologies of the Indian Capital Markets : primary vs. secondary markets, equities vs debt products, derivatives products and the role of depositories in the capital markets.
The course evaluates Mutual Funds as an investment vehicle and the legal framework around Mutual Funds. It also builds on to the concept of an evolving asset class in the Indian markets i.e. ETFs.
The program weaves individual Capital Markets products into wealth management practices, risk management via insurance products, investment analysis and portfolio Management concepts. It also enables the participants to understand Capital Markets from Traditional vs. Digital banking system perspective
(concepts, regulations & compliance , digital banking etc.)




Course Content


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