January 31, 2011

Druckgrafen ; Hind Agrochem ; Khatau Mills , JK Cotton - Important Updates From Satyakam Mishra

( We are most grateful to Satyakam Mishra for these updates )

Druckgrafen India Ltd

 Had gone into BIFR and was also trying for liquidation. No updates after that though

Hindustan Agrochemicals Limited 

A small industrial estate (320 hectares or 791 acres)manufacturing
dyes and dye intermediaries located in Bichadi Village were ordered closed by the government in 1990 (though manufacturing appears to have continued in some plants till 1995). It remains a significantly polluted place due to inadequate remediation post-closure. Indiscriminate surface dumping of sludge along with agriculture with polluted groundwater since 1989-90, has contributed to serious soil contamination. The wells in a radius of 10 km from the estate have been rendered unfit for consumption. So this company is not going to start and went into compulsory delisting. The last price it traded was at 1.45.

Khatau Mills , Mumbai

- Khatau Makanjee Spinning and Weaving Mills land at Byculla and Borivli was sold to the Marathon Group for Rs 145 crore. I am sure you wouldn't have received any penny in this.

JK Cotton

Production operations in the Textile Unit commenced from 2nd April,2009. At Net level its still at loss.

Satyakam Mishra


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vishwanath said...

Thankyou very much Shri Satyakam Mishrajee for the valuable information about so many companies you have provided .Now I can have some relief by writing them off from my mind instead of keeping hoping that they would revive someday .

Satyakam Mishra said...

Appreciate that the information was useful. Well there are plenty of companies which barely survies and we live in the misplaced notion of their revival.

I have always looked the decay and death of comany in similar light just as wonderful growth though I know its painful.