January 08, 2011

Important Message to the Blog

In an earlier posting one has offered to buy Bharat Nidhi at Rs. 5000 while here offer is at Rs. 4000 .

One should be careful to decide on the best offer and go through all messsges to choose on the best


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Anonymous said...

Well even at these rates no one is selling for Bharat Nidhi. These are just unrealistic offers. I am sure the readers of these blogs will agree that people who come here are financially literate and know wht is the rates in the market.

Mr Anil Goel and Mr Sandip Ganodia are classic example in this case. While I agree that we are all for profit but lets get realistic. They might get the rates from a uninformed buyer but not someone who is financially and information literate.

I urge the readers to give realistic rates. we have seen how 3A Capital has done business. I thank the blog administrator for starting this blog. I am sure in some time this will give the monopolist 3A Capital a run for its money.

Satyakam Mishra