January 04, 2011

Even Delisted Shares Can be in DEMAT

Listing of Shares and their Demat are entirely two different issues.

Many delisted shares can be held in Demat.

If an investor , at any point , wishes to consider selling his delisted shares , he should ( if Demat available ) get them DEMATERIALISED.

With Demat ,  firstly ,the seller would get a much higher rate

Secondly , with Demat , delivery can be credited ,  as " OFF MARKET TRANSACTION " into the DP a/c of the buyer any where in India. ( just like deposit of local cheques in the out station a/c of the Payee / or Multi City cheques ( CBS Branches ).

Thirdly , the quantity of shares  becomes flexible ( in multiples of 1 ) and not bound by the share certificate lot.

The New IT  Convergence ( including Internet and  Google Search  ) technology has greatly benefited the retail investors in India , including share holders of delisted shares .

Many a time a simple GOOGLE search can be a very profitable click .


Niraj Kajaria said...

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manish kumar said...
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