January 09, 2011

A Very Dangerous Trend

I had seen a very dangerous issue developing here. I had contacted one of the members who has posted the trades he had. Since the rates was suitable, I was on verge of finalizing the same. I inquired if he had any references, the gentleman said that since he is new not many people knew him. I anyways thought I would try to develop some link in the city he stays. Well that the last time he picked the phone.

I tried contacted him through someone else and he was reachable. I shudder to think, what could be probable intentions of the said gentleman.

Much as I would like to name the gentleman, but keeping the standard set by you, I chose not to disclose the name.

I suggest all the readers of the blog that before making potential investment and trade, please conduct examination of operations and credibility and the verification of material facts of the person on both side.

Satyakam Mishra


Blog Administrator requests " the person " involved  to present his view point.We are sure that every body appreciates the truth that without honesty all deals and messages on this blog lose their meaning.

In case no clarification is received with in a reasonable time ,we request Mr. Satyakam Mishra to put the name here.

It is very important that we  DO NOT endanger the money and time of any blog patron or for that matter of any investor.

Regards ,



We are extremely happy to inform that All is Well That Ends Well.

The issue stands closed




Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Agarwal,

I doubt if the person will come and put his views. Since he has failed to contact me back, I am not totally convinced, but I am willing to put suspicion aside.

It would not be advisable to give name since I can jeopardize his business and frankly I believe every tries to be honest, so may the said gentleman has genuine reason not to contact me back. I, hence, will leave the matter at it is.

Just one hint, he is not regular sort of guy who is in the market, so you can take off the regular names which feature on this blog roll.

Satyakam Mishra

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

All is Well That Ends Well