January 16, 2011

Niraj Kajaria's Buying -Selling List of Rare Shares ( Including Buying of Shri Nataraj @ 210 )

We are buying Shri Nataraj Ceramics & Chemicals at Rs.210/= any quantity spot payment .

We , also ,buy /Sell Delisted Unlisted illiquid Shares including
Essar Steel,
Oswal Agro Mills,
Ratnakar bank,
Gujarat Nre Minerals,
Future Venture India Ltd,
Bharat Nidhi,
Bharti Tele,
Eastern Investments,
Sistema Shyam Tele,
Bombay/Delhi/Bangalore/ Calcutta / Ahmedabad/Madras Stock Exchange,
Pilani Investments,
Catholic Syrian Bank,
Cadbury India,
Associated Pigments,
Jullundur Motor ,
Kudremukh Iron,
Mohan Meakin,
Binani Metals,
 Nag Biogin
PNB Finance,
Nandan Biomatrix,
Shreno Ltd,
Tamilnadu Merchantile Bank,
Bharat Hotels,
Tcs Eserve,
Tata Technologies,
Cochin International Airport,
Avery India,
Philips India,
Pantaloon Industries,
Sesa Industries,
Lux Hosiery,
Farm Enterprises,
Otis Elevators,
Arch Pharma,
Alembic Glass,
Western India Plywood,
Shri Nataraj Ceramics ,
Matrix Lab,
Raunak International ,
Gpt Infra Projects,
Carrier Aircon ,
Aspin Wall,
Axles India,
Aricent Tech,
Frick India ,
Simpson &amp Company ,
Camac Commercial,
Bil energy Systems,
Spencer India,
Cross Country,
Bolton Properties,
Damania Airways,
Khaitan Hostable,

and many more.

We can buy any quantity / Big lots of shares.

Kajaria Securities & Finance:
033 32930043/ 0129 .
Email : -


Anonymous said...

I would suggest to mention your rates, else this seems like a laundry list.

Frankly speaking, I have been in this business for long and just feel these names doesnt help. Let us not get into this name chasing business.

Please mention your rates for the shares

Satyakam Mishra

Unknown said...

Without indicative buying and selling rates such blank offers make no sense

Mukund Manchanda said...

It seems that the person here has copied all the names available from the internet and made a list.

I am sure that half of them he would not be aware of the what the company does. I agree that such blanket offer does not not make sense.

I am surprised that the blog administrator is encouraging such blank postings.

We dont want a dud exchange over here.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

We respect every one 's view point.We feel we can learn some thing from every one.

Surely , putting indicative rates along with the List would make the exercise more meaningful.

But even a blank List serves a useful purpose . It informs a layman common investor that these shares are not " total write offs " but that there is " some " value in them. From this basic information , the investor concerned would have to work out further and on the quantum of hard work put in by him would depend his profits.

The markets for illiquid / delisted shares work at various levels of informed and uninformed players,

Ours is an humble attempt to be of use to all level of players.


Anonymous said...

Well I do agree that even blank list is helpful but I have seen numerous instances when I call people or people call me and they have no clue of what I company is or what then company does.

A very recent example when was some someone called me to buy TCS-EServe and believed that since it is a TCS company, it would mirror the price of TCS. I said Thanks but No Thanks. The whole incident left a bad taste.

I generally avoid situation when the buyer and seller has no hint of what is being bought or sold since these are fickle minded people and are rarely serious about the rates.

I consent that markets for illiquid / delisted shares work at assorted levels of informed and uninformed players but thanks to your blog we are seeing some light at the end of tunnel.

The pleasures of ignorance are as great, in their way, as the pleasures of knowledge as Aldous Huxley said. Appreciate your comment. Keep up the good work!

Satyakam Mishra

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Thanks !!