January 11, 2011

Seller Orkay Silk Mills Shares

I am interested to sell 150 shares of orkay silk mills,

pl let me know the best prize

Contact :-

Krishan Raj Verma

Email :



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Verma,

The Bombay High Court had issued winding up orders to Orkay Silk Mills Shares (new name Orkay Industries Ltd)in year 1999.

So, I am afraid that your company doesn't have any "best" value except say a few paise here and there.

I would suggest the blog administrator not to let this valuable information platform become a trading place for dud stock, least it drives away the savvy investor. I dont want to be seen as a snob but I leave this to the good judgement and discretion of esteemed and dear Mr Ashwani who is handling the responsibility with great aplomb.

Satyakam Mishra

Anonymous said...

Holding 1lac