January 21, 2011

Sharda Motor Industries Limited

Sharda Motor Industries Limited is an associate company of Bharat Seats Limited - Relan Group.

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http://www.bharatseats.com/about-the-group.html# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

May 22, 2013

Sharda Motor Industries- Now Listed at BSE

Earlier Exclusively listed in Delhi Stock Exchange , now Sharda Motor Industries , gets  listed at BSE

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For Annual Report ( 2011-12 )


Sharda Motor Industries Limited , was earlier, exclusively listed at Delhi Stock Exchange. DSe is , at present non -functional

As per SEBI Directives all those Companies which are exclusively listed in Non Functional Regional Stock Exchanges , have to List at BSE / NSE

Please Click here for the SEBI Directive :-


Blog Writer : Other DSE companies like Frick India , Jullundur Motor Agency ( Delhi )Bharat Nidhi , PNB Finance , have to follow these SEBI Directive.

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