January 08, 2011

Message to the Blog From Satyakam Mishra

Well even at these rates no one is selling for Bharat Nidhi. These are just unrealistic offers. I am sure the readers of these blogs will agree that people who come here are financially literate and know what is the rates in the market.

A couple of share dealers are classic example in this case. While I agree that we are all for profit but lets get realistic. They might get the rates from a uninformed buyer but not someone who is financially and information literate.

I urge the readers to give realistic rates. we have seen how a " pioneer "has done business. I thank the blog administrator for starting this blog. I am sure in some time this will give many a run for their money.

Satyakam Mishra


Anonymous said...

I am pained to see that the names have been take off but happy to see someone who is so moral and honest.

You are a true gentleman Mr Agarwal !!

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

We are grateful to you for your high opinion of us and we would always work to live up to it.

In due course , we hope , more blog administrators like you join and share the responsibility .

Soon we may have an e Auction Portal for delisted shares ( like e-bay ).In this Not For Profit venture payment collected from buyers would be released from the Escrow account once shares are credited /transferred to the buyer.


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Join us i.e. rareindianshares.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your response. Well it does make a strong business case but you have to appreciate the fact that the way this delisted market functions on basis of individual client base & market inefficiency.

I fear that if this becomes a portal, the hoi polloi of the market comes in puts in their bids/asks the margins gets squeezed and there is no under lying benefits of same. Inefficient markets give rise to arbitrage opportunities on which this delisted market is based.
The probability of finding inefficiencies in an asset market decreases as the ease of trading on the asset increases. Thanks for inviting me on group but Investors who can establish a cost advantage (either in information collection or transactions costs) will be more able to exploit small inefficiencies than other investors
who do not possess this advantage.

Appreciate you invitation to join this blog but as of now I will give it a pass. I hope I am able to meaningfully contribute to this.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Agarwal,

I had seen a very dangerous issue developing here. I had contacted one of the members who has posted the trades he had. Since the rates was suitable, I was on verge of finalizing the same. I inquired if he had any references, the gentleman said that since he is new not many people knew him. I anyways thought I wud try to develop some link in the city he stays. Well thats the last time he picked the phone.

I tried contacted him through someone else and he was reachable. I shudder to think, what could be probable intentions of the said gentleman.

Much as I would like to name the gentleman, but keeping the standard set by you, I chose not to disclose the name.

I suggest all the readers of the blog that before making potential investment and trade, please conduct examination of operations and credibility and the verification of material facts of the person on both side.

Satyakam Mishra