January 25, 2011

Important Message To The Blog From Pankaj Patel

Dear Mr. Vinaya, There is no harm if the trades’ takes place but what is happening, even you will be aware of.

People are offering ridiculous rates. Please compare the rates in the market and you will come to know the reality. People are just calling up and asking rate and just comparing. Even I have no problem with that. But wht I see is that everyone is just chasing the same stocks or same dealer without actual trades taking place.

I have read many posts and have compared rates of Mr Nilesh Kotak, Mr Anil Goel, Mr Kajaria, Mr Manish, Mr Pardeep Tantia, Mr Sandip Ganodia. The truth will be in front of you. I just have seen Mr. Satyakam Mishra not getting into this bidding spree. I have seen the administrator of this blog not putting his quotes. I have great respect for them.

Yes we do want trades but there shud be a way. Some people (specially who offer ridiculous rates) actually don’t have those shares and just creating an artificial market. Is there anyone who can offer two way quotes? I doubt anyone will stand for that. I don’t understand the point where u just have blank quotes. I don’t want to get into personal battles for heavens sake but lets have some sanctity.

I believe we may have finally reached the point of too much of a good thing and created a runaway train, with no one at the switch. I have spoken at length but I hope I will be heard. Rest I leave that to the blog administrator.

I also request to Satyakam Mishra to suggest something.


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

As we see it , market for illiquid / delisted shares is , by definition ,very imperfect one when compared with Liquid listed shares.

The spread ( buying -selling difference is large ) and meeting points between buyers and sellers is more difficult and many tries have to be made.

If it is a choice between publishing likely ( and may be unrealistic or even manipulative quotations or not putting up at all,) we feel that there is always a chance of some positive result happening f we publish the quotes rather than not publishing them .

We are quite sure that buyers and sellers are fairly smart ( and only the smart can survive in any business and especially the business of delisted shares )

The blog writer would love to buy some of the shares being offered here ( but he lacks the money for the present ). And investment in delisted shares per se has to be long term basis as the spreads are very large ( we cannot be day traders here )

We are not selling either as we feel the game in delisted / illiquid has just begun .Internet is doing wonders in creating awareness which would ultimately result in much higher profits

Unknown said...

I believe this Blog would play a very useful role in empowering the shareholders and investors of Rare/ill liquid/nontraded shares with invaluable information provided by its enlightened founder Shri Ashwanikumar Agarwal and the knowledgable visitors to this site who do not mind sharing their inputs with others in the society for the greater good of all. Sarve janah sukhino bhavanthu !

Vibhor said...

This is full get into fist fight. Bhaiya larro maath. Sab ki baath apni jagah sahi hai.

Main Vinayaji or Pankaj ji say nivaydaan karta hu ki krpa kar shanti banaya rakhay.

Aroop tha prtyaroop say kuch hasil nahi hoga. Koi bhi masla baath chit say samadhan kar saktay hai.

Satyakam Mishra said...

Sesa Industries - Update

The Sesa Goa Board has extended the validity of the scheme of amalgamation of Sesa Industries Limited with Sesa Goa Limited up to 31 July 2011 or the date of order of the Supreme Court, whichever is later.

Just to update the readers of the blog your ONE share of Sesa Industries in paper form is equal to FOUR shares of Sesa Goa which is listed entity.

Its rather frustrating the issues have not been resolved yet.

I anticipate 6 months delay again. According to my sources, I dont anticipate the merger soon.

NB: The purpose of this update is for general information only, and should not be interpreted as financial or professional advice.

Satyakam Mishra

Unknown said...

I would like to clarify (if clarification is necessary,)that I had responded only by way of my contribution to a healthy discussion on the subject and there was no intention of any fist fighting whatsoever.

Manish said...

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vishwanath said...

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