January 12, 2011

Niraj Kajaria 's Buying Rates ( Spot ) Rare Shares ( Including Bharat Nidhi @ 6000 )

We are BUYING  on spot Payment only demat

Bharat Nidhi at Rs.6000/=
Tcs Eserve at Rs.4100/=
Jullundur Motors at Rs.150/=
Eastern Investments at Rs.7200/=
Bharat Hotels at Rs.190/=
Bharti Tele at Rs.4100/=
PNB Finance at Rs.4000/=
Bombay Stock Exchange at Rs.280/=
any quantity


Kajaria Securities & Finance
9831077353, 9830022485
033 32930043/0129

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Ketan's and Harshad's of the world will get chickened out looking at the offers like this ... My God Lord ... "Any Quantity"